7 Best Hiking Apps for iOS and Android

It’s a bit strange to combine hiking and apps in one sentence. Since the first is an outdoor activity which required movement, while the second is for gadgets that tend to be an indoor activity. But, the world’s changing and people the best hiking apps are built to make hiking easier.

Hiking Apps
Hiking Apps

There are many categories for what apps one may need for hiking like what trail cameras you need for hunting. From the maps, direction tracker, navigator, safety and survival guide, and many more. Bellow here is a list of the best hiking apps that you have to consider to install:

Map 3D Pro (iOS)

Map 3D Pro
Map 3D Pro

Reading topographic map is more a nuisance than help for some people. Thus this Map 3D Pro is the best hiking apps, a helpful tool to navigate in the wild, hike onto uneven terrain. It projects the actual appearance in a 3D picture, showing the users on what’s waiting for them. Whether a hill, ridge, downhill, trail, path or many more.

Map 3D Pro is only available for iPhone users with only $4.99 USD. With this application, you can plan, save, or even share any routes. You can also pre-load maps for offline use and navigate or record the trip, complete with the coordinates and elevation data. One thing for sure, your iPhone has to be fully charged or have any other backup.

PeakVisor (iOS and Android)


You can say this app is a form of magic, as it can recognize any name of mountain’ peak that comes into view. It utilizes the phone’s camera along with location tracking and high precision 3D of the mountain panorama. Such good news for anyone with blind direction tendency, you now can try this hiking activity.

The app has a 3D compass built in it, make hiking a possible activity without fear of getting lost in the wild. There’s also altimeter that measures the elevation accurately. With just $3.99 USD, you’ll know where your location is and on what elevation you are using this application.

SAS Survival Guide (iOS and Android)

SAS Survival Guide App
SAS Survival Guide App

This app is built based on the bestselling book The SAS Survival Handbook by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman. You can have a throughout guide in your phone with only $5.99 USD, from basic survival until the advanced level that may need. There are also extensive first aid information and photos of various plants, whether edible, medicinal, or poisonous. That’s why the app can make it as one of the best hiking apps.

SAS Survival Guide app allows you as users to download 16 videos of Wiseman’s survival tricks and tips. It has a quiz menu to test your survival knowledge. And can perform as your assistant in packing and preparation prior to your departure by its checklist. What makes this app super cool is that the app is equipped with Morse code!

Spyglass (iOS)


Spyglass is going to make your iPhone feels like come out of a sci-fi book and/or film! As one of the newest and coolest apps out there as it has the best visual and very impressive. Not only cover your usual tracking features, but it also combined with striking AR (augmented reality) view. Make it as one the best hiking apps up to date.

Just by $3.99 USD, you’ll get the heads-up display, high-quality compass with an overlying map on it, gyrocompass, speedometer, altimeter, astronomical object finder, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator, and many more. Feel like a one-stop app for all what you need out the wild.

Knots 3D (iOS and Android)

Knots 3D
Knots 3D

Another useful skill you have to master for hiking is tying knots. That’s why this app is listed among the best hiking apps you should have. It’ll guide you to tie more than 125 different knots in rotatable 3D animation. Along with explanations on how the knot has to be tied, its common use, its other name, and the related knot.

Just look for by the knot name, synonym, or ABOK# to find what you need. You also can directly search by the categories of use. Only need $1.99 to help you master any knot known out there more than the Boy Scout alumnus. Moreover, it’s an ad-free app and available for offline use because all the information is to be downloaded into your device.

First Aid by Red Cross (iOS and Android)

First Aid by Red Cross App
First Aid by Red Cross

The official application by The Red Cross international is available for mobile use and tailored for your location (the country nation). This free app provided quick access for daily safety information along with expert’s advice for any emergency. It contains videos, diagrams, quizzes, and step by step guide and advice to help users to prepare for the unexpected.

Not wishing for your activity to turn disaster, but everyone shall stay alert. Who knows what was waiting in the future. If you don’t use it for yourself, you can use your knowledge (supported by this one of the best hiking apps for free) to help others. It can make your hiking adventure more meaningful.

Google Maps (iOS and Android)

Google Maps App
Google Maps

Let’s not forget this one great help from Google as the most known helper of the human being in this era. Google Maps can be said as one of the best hiking apps because of its easiness to use by anyone and (almost) anywhere globally. And also the most important, it’s free to install by anyone with a smartphone.

This app is using the phone’s built-in GPS chip and available offline, which can be used to navigate, search for destinations, and turn by turn directions. Except for the closed-off nations like China and North Korea, this app is widely used by the population. If Google keeps up with the upgrade of this app, it may outshine all the tracker apps known.

Some people may disagree with the best hiking apps listed here and saying others are better. But this is a personal opinion of the writer based on different point of view, as one has to have more than just directionally aware to hike. You can download these apps from FileHippo Download to get the latest version of them. Another reminder, because you rely on your device with these apps, please make sure to have another power source for your phone’s battery.

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