Browning BTC5HD COMBO Review

Browning BTC5HD Review

The Browning BTC5HD is a digital trail camera and accessories bundle that is made by one of the most well-known manufacturers. The model has a solid set of good reviews online, and I was impressed with its performance when I did my own review of its features.

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Benefits of the Browning BTC5HD

  • Zero Blur Technology

When the Browning BTC5HD snaps a shot, its advanced technology helps to better compensate for movement, giving you much clearer photos when a deer is dashing across your field of view or a bird sweeps in. The 10 megapixel sensor gives you clear images with high resolution picture quality whether you’re shooting stills or video. When you’re shooting in video, you’ll enjoy 1280 x 720p high definition resolution and be able to pick up the sound as well as the images. Many trail cameras at this price point offer audio recording only.

  • Long Flash Range

Many cams today come with LED infrared lighting that allows you to take photographs across 50 to 60-foot distances at night. This model stands out among the competition because its flash range is double many of its competitors at 100 feet. You’ll be able to shoot a much larger area at night when you choose this unit, making it more ideal for trail shooting around the clock. The LED technology makes the flash less likely to frighten away animals, too.

  • Software Included

One really nice feature of this device is that it comes with Browning Buck Watch Software at no extra charge. This software allows you to take time lapse shots captured by the camera and create short vignettes, so that you can see the action unfold in a particular area over the course of a day or night. Other manufacturers offer similar software but require you to buy it separately.

Drawbacks of the BTC5HD

The main drawback of the item is that it has a little bit longer of a trigger time than some other models that are similarly priced. It takes the model 6.7 seconds to reset, while some other models will reset in about 5 to 5.5 seconds. The difference is very small, and it doesn’t mean that you will miss things often; however, there is a greater chance with the camera.

The fact that this model has so many features that help to give you clearer images offsets this problem, though. Other cameras may shoot quicker but the images they produce can be so blurry that you have a hard time telling if what you’re seeing is really an animal or something else.

Final Thoughts

When you take into account the price and the fact that the Browning BTC5HD comes ready to use with batteries and an 8 gigabyte SD card plus software and other accessories, this unit is a great buy. Its long flash range at night and zero blur technology make it an exceptional choice for taking photographs for scouting on the trail or just for checking out what’s going on in your own backyard.

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