Browning Recon Force FHD Review

Browning Recon Review

The Browning Recon Force FHD Camera is a mid-range scouting camera made by Browning, one of the top brands of outdoor cameras. In online reviews, the camera consistently gets great write-ups, and I wanted to see for myself how well it works. All in all, I agree with the countless customers that say that this cam is a good buy for the money.

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Benefits of the Browning Recon Force FHD

  • Zero Blur Technology

Most trail cameras can take good photos of still subjects but image quality is greatly reduced when animals are in motion. This unit has a No Blur feature that addresses the problem and allows for moving subjects to be captured with the same high definition resolution as still ones. That means that you’ll have fewer unusable photos stored on your memory card when it comes time to review your footage.

  • Advanced Time Lapse Abilities

With the cam, you can take time lapse shots of the same area at specific points of the day to monitor how conditions change and when animals come and go. This feature alone sets it apart from other cameras on the market, but Browning takes the benefits one step further with the Browning Butch Watch Time-Lapse Viewer Software included for free with the camera. The software automatically pieces together your time lapse images and plays them as a progression.

  • Multiple Outputs

With this unit, you can connect your camera directly to your computer with a USB cable, so that you can transfer images without having to use an SD card reader. It also has a TV out port for viewing videos on most televisions.


With so many great features to the item, it was hard for me to really find a flaw with it to mention as a drawback, but because I like to make sure I’m accurately representing the products I review, I thought really critically about it.

Really, the only thing I can mention is that for its price, it is not the fastest camera out there. It has a 6.7 second reset speed, which while lightning fast in the grand scheme of things is not quite as rapid as the 5 second speeds of some other cameras.

When you’re shooting animals that have stopped to graze, this slightly slower performance is unlikely to pose any real problems; however, if an animal just darts past the camera quickly, you might miss getting more than one shot of it. That said, the fact that you get Zero Blur technology with this model means that the image the camera is able to get is more likely to be clear than the perhaps one extra one a slightly faster camera without this technology might give you.

Final Thoughts

This model is a best trail camera for someone who wants to be able to get very sophisticated with their level of surveying an area. With the included free software, you’ll be able to precisely pinpoint where the best hunting spots are when you should visit them, making this camera an excellent value for any sportsman.

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