Browning STRIKE FORCE Review

Browning STRICKE FORCE Review

The Browning STRIKE FORCE HD Sub Micro Trail Camera Pack is a pair of compact cameras designed for scouting and surveillance. Made by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the set has very good reviews online, and I recently took a look at the set myself to see what the buzz was about.

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Benefits of the Browning STRIKE FORC

  • Enhanced Scouting Capability

Because you get two cameras in theis pack, you have double the coverage possibilities. You can use both cams in the same place to observe a wider area or in two different directions, or you can separate them and scout two locations independently. You’ll pay less for the cameras together than you would to buy two separately.

  • Long Flash Range

With many trail cams, the maximum distance that you’re able to shoot at night or by day is 50 to 60 feet. This one offers double the amount of coverage of conventional cameras with an extra long flash range of 100 feet. You’ll be able to see further in the distance with each of the cameras in this pack, making the duo especially ideal for shooting in wide open areas like clearings and near bodies of water.

  • Out Ports

Most models save footage to SD cards that you then have to remove and insert in an SD card reader of a computer in order to import photos. While this one does save images to SD cards for later review, you have more ways to view them than just by removing the card and using a reader. The cameras have a USB port that allows you to connect them directly to your computer to quickly share and view images. You can also connect the units to your television for watching videos.

  • Flexible Video Settings

The set gives you more flexibility than other devices when shooting video. Many others only shoot for one period of time, usually a very short amount like a 15 or 20 second interval. With these cameras you can set the time frame from 5 seconds to up to 2 minutes.


With the package, a benefit can also be the only real drawback that I can think of for this set of micro cameras – you have to buy two. While there are a lot of instances where two cameras may be ideal, for some people, it is not going to be necessary for everyone to have two. The price of this set is naturally higher than what you would pay for a standalone camera, so it might not be a practical choice for everyone.

Final Thoughts

For those who are looking to set up a two-camera scouting system in their own backyard or the great outdoors, this set is an excellent solution. The price is reasonable when you consider that you get two very well made cameras with features not found in other cameras.

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