Crenova RD1000 Review

Crenova Hunting Cam Review

This is an outdoor camera made specifically for hunters that like a lot of handy features on the trail. Rated highly by users in online reviews, the weatherproof camera is one I was anxious to try for myself. Read on for my full review.

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Benefits of the Crenova

  • HD Photos & Video

With this cam, you’ll be able to shoot like a pro on the trail. The 12-Megapixel image sensor provides impressive image quality with rich colors and very sharp, well defined details. If you want to record video, the camera captures footage in true 1080p high definition, separating it from other hunting cameras that are similarly priced.

  • Time Switch & Lapse

You can set the device to scout ahead of you and determine where the best places are to hunt during which times of the day. Its Time Lapse technology will take a series of images in a specific spot over a range of time that you specify, and images are time stamped and labeled with the temperature and moon phase for easy record keeping. The Time Switch feature allows you to easily adjust the active periods for the camera when you’re using it for scouting purposes.

  • Hyper Night Vision

A 65-foot flash range and 42 LED lights give you very crisp images in black and white light. Even if you can’t see whatever you’re shooting clearly with your own eyes, this cam can pick it up even if it’s rather far away.

  • Digital Display

A very nice feature borrowed from traditional cameras is the digital display included in this item. You can review images right on the camera using the large digital display. As a result, there is no need to keep taking out the SD card to review footage. You can check out the images and see if there is anything worth loading onto your computer before you even get home.

Drawbacks of the Crenova

While the item says that it has “up to 6 months long battery life,” based on tests and other reviews, the average user will likely have to change the batteries very frequently. This is especially true if you’re using some of the advanced features that require more power to operate. While the advertising does give some false expectations, the battery life of the camera is about average and really shouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing this well-made camera; however, it does mean that you should pack at least one spare pack of batteries in your bag just in case.

Final Thoughts

With a very advanced infrared sensing ability, this is an excellent choice of trail camera for someone who wants to be able to take great photographs at night. Reasonably priced but still packed with features, it gives you value for the money with a nice set of accessories that includes a tree mounting strap, a tripod adapter and USB and video cables for connecting it to your computer and television.

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