Cuddeback E2 Cams Pack Review

The CUDDEBACK E2 Pack is a set of four high-end trail cameras that open up the doors to truly professional scouting. Customers sing the praises of the pack again and again due to the advanced features of the cameras that it includes, and like them, I was wowed by the set when I took a look at it myself.

Cuddeback E2
Cuddeback E2

Features of Cuddeback E2

Flexible Scouting Options

Because you get four cams in one set, you get the flexibility to use four devices together for maximum coverage in a large area, to divide the cameras into pairs for two areas of scouting or to use them individually to scout four different locations.

Exceptional Image Quality

The model has a 20-megapixel image sensor, so it can take photographs in stunning high resolution. The pictures that this unit can produce are of finer quality than the ones you’ll get from some entry-level digital SLR cameras used by photographers, so you’ll be able to see everything in rich detail.

Cuddeback E2
Cuddeback E2

Compact Size

Very small in size compared to other field cameras, the item is discreet and simple to mount. You can place four of them on a single tree facing in opposite directions because they are so tiny. Even though they are small, the units are rugged and able to hold up to wear and tear.

Smart IR

The infrared sensors on the item self-adjust to eliminate the blur that often happens when shooting at night.

Cuddeback E2 Drawbacks

The drawback of this pack is actually one of its selling points. With this set, you get four devices, which may be more than you need depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your hunting camera.

Cuddeback E2
Cuddeback E2

As you might expect, the fact that you get four very high-end products in the pack means that the price of the set is high, and it might be impractical for people who just want a basic camera to take images of their backyard to see what kind of animals are out there or for casual hunters who are more interested in having fun with scouting than getting amazing image quality.

The good news is that you can purchase this camera in a two-pack as well for half the price if you prefer.

Final Thoughts

The pack is by far one of the best options for people who want to be able to scout one large area or four different areas simultaneously. You really can’t find cameras that are so small in size yet able to produce such high-quality images by day or by night, making them a good value even though they are pricier than other devices.

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