KV.D 16MP 1080P FHD Cam Review

KVD Scouting Cam Review

The KV.D cam is a water-resistant camera designed primarily for scouting rather than for capturing live action on the trail. Consistently well reviewed by customers, the item has high ratings online and performed well in my own review.

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Benefits of the KV.D

  • Motion Freeze Technology

While the device uses infrared like other scouting cameras to automatically take photos on the trail, it’s less likely to be triggered by blowing glass and other items because it’s better able to detect motion from living things. This feature also enables it to take photographs of reptiles and amphibians that ordinary infrared cameras usually end up missing.

  • High Resolution

Although it is a mid-priced model, it produces images and video of very high quality. Its 16-megapixel image sensor allows you to see images in great detail, so that you end up with professional looking shots. The unit also shoots video in 1920 x 1080p full high definition quality. A built-in microphone captures sound, another feature that is uncommon in cams of this price range.

  • Fast Speed

Provided that you use an SD card with at least 2 gigabytes of memory, the unit can capture fleeting images fast. The .5-second trigger speed allows the camera to respond more quickly than many other models, making you less likely to miss an animal darting past at top speeds.

  • Night Vision

With 42 IR LEDs mounted in its design, it can take images at night in black and white from a rather long rage, depending on the conditions outside. Its image quality in the dark rivals the quality of the shots it can capture during the day


The only real limitation that this cam has is that it features a narrower infrared angle that some of its competitors at just 90 degrees. This means that it is only able to take photos of items that are within a 90 degree angle in front of it.

Many other models have a wider viewing angle; however, it’s important to note that just because a camera can sense something that doesn’t mean that it will take a clear photo. Often times, wildlife caught in the periphery beyond a standard 90-degree viewing window comes out blurry anyway, so you may not miss anything except some blurry shots with this option.

Final Thoughts

I would strongly recommend this cam for scouting purposes on the trail. It has a lot of advanced features that similarly priced cameras just do not offer, and its power saving mode allows you to greatly extend the battery life.

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