Moultrie Game Camera Review

Moultrie Cam Review

Moultrie is a brand that has been making trail cameras for years and has an excellent reputation in the space. The Game Spy A-5 is their entry-level model that was released a few years ago and caught some criticism due to some performance issues. Taking their customers’ feedback seriously, Moultrie went back to the drawing board and revamped the entire design of the camera. Now, it is back and better than ever. I recently took a look at its features to see what it had to offer.

Benefits of the Moultrie Game Spy A-5

  • New Lens Design

This cam has a brand new lens design that allows it to take clearer images both by day and by night. You won’t end up with that annoying overexposed glow that some less well made cameras cause when you’re shooting with infrared.

  • Fast Shooting Speed

With the unit, shooting speed has been reduced to 1.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest performing models on the market today. You’re unlikely to miss a moving subject thanks to its lighting fast responsiveness.

  • Simple Controls

An entry-level field cam, it is intended to be simple for beginners to use. Instead of a lot of complicated buttons, the model has very easy to use controls that slide. You can set it up without having to look at the instruction manual, even if you have never used a field camera before.

  • Rugged Craftsmanship

You won’t find a trail camera that’s built tougher than this model at its price point. Its housing is able to drain off water, and its door latch stays firmly closed to protect the inner-workings of the item.


With the revamp of the device, Moultrie has managed to eliminate the problems that this model had previously. There is very little to find fault with now especially when you compare it side by side with other cams of similar price.

The biggest drawback to the unit is that it has limited shooting abilities, but this is compared only to higher priced models. It has an infrared range of 40 feet and its image sensor is only 5 Megapixels; however you will still get high quality, clear shots of whatever is within range. The area of sensing may be a little smaller than other cameras, but this model is half the price, and its range definitely isn’t half the size. In other words, you still get good value from this unit.

Final Thoughts

The unit is a nice option for those who want a hunting cam that requires minimal investment but is still a good buy. Manufactured by a well-known brand and able to perform well by day and night, it is a great choice for beginners and those who are shopping on a budget. I would strongly recommend it for the right sportsman.

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