Top 5 Cheap No Glow Infrared Trail Cameras

The need for people to monitor their home for 24 hours makes no glow infrared trail cameras popular. No glow infrared trail camera popular is usually referred to as a blackout trail camera or invisible flash trail camera. Its name originates from its ability to illuminate animals or other species in the area without they detect the flash. No glow camera will not show any light emitted at 10-15’.

No glow infrared trail camera uses led emitters. They transmit infrared light above the 940 nm spectrum which is typically not detectable by humans or animals. On the other hands, there is also a very small percentage of species that could detect 900+ spectrum light. As a consequence, no glow IR camera is ideal for security and other covert applications. It is because the vast majority of species are not able to detect 900+ infrared light. Moreover, it is also popular for wildlife surveillance because it doesn’t spook game like other types of trail cameras.

Cheap No Glow Infrared Trail Cameras

Here are those cheap no glow infrared trail cameras under $100:

STEALTH CAM G45NG No Glow IR Trail Camera

Stealth 45 No Glow IR Trail Camera
STEALTH CAM G45NG No Glow IR Trail Camera

The sensitivity of this camera will not disappoint you because it is able to detect even the small animals. In addition, the quality of the video is clear and the motion detection is pretty good. Furthermore, the trigger speed of this camera will not make you losing anything even a small animal for example.

You do not need to worry about the batteries because of they last long. In addition, you can also customize the program to take pictures during a specific time such as night or day.

Here is a quick snapshot of its features:

  • Resolution: 14.0 MP
  • Trigger speed: less than 1 second
  • Flash range: 70 feet
  • Flash technology: Low Glow Infrared
  • Video: 1280 x 720 w/ audio

Stealth Cam G42NG No Glow Trail Game Camera

Stealth Cam G42NG
Stealth Cam G42NG

The Stealth Cam G42NG Game Camera is known for its fast trigger speed and high-resolution images. It is powered by 8 AA batteries that offer long hours of uninterrupted use.

The camera can produce 10 MP images. It also comes with a 16:9 widescreen format to accommodate a larger Field of View. Moreover, it can detect subjects up to a distance of 100 feet because the trigger speed is 0.5 seconds. In addition, the camera has an expandable memory slot that can accommodate an SD card of up to 64 GB.

LESHP No Glow Infrared OUTAD Scouting Camera

LESHP No Glow Infrared
LESHP No Glow Infrared

This camera has 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 12 Megapixel photo and 1080P HD video with the audio record. The unique sensor design offers a 120 degree wider angle of detection and improves the time response to 0.5 seconds.

This camera able to capture shots of wildlife behaviors by using the infrared flash illumination technology equipped with 26 LEDs. The trigger distance and IR flash range up to 20 meters (65 feet). As a consequence, you can get great shots of a passing animal in the darkness without the animal realizes it.

The 130-degree wide angle lens provides you with the great shooting scope. Moreover, the trigger speed sensor which is about 0.4 seconds and down to 0.2 seconds won’t make you lose anything.

There are multi-recording modes which bring versatile applications to this hunting camera, such as Interval Recording, Time-Lapse, Timer, Password Protection, Time Stamp, and Low Battery Alarm. In addition, IP66 Waterproof design makes this camera ideal for outdoor applications and the great sensitivity is good for surveillance.

BlazeVideo No Glow Infrared Game Trail Hunting Camera

BlazeVideo No Glow Infrared
BlazeVideo No Glow Infrared

This camera captures a maximum of 16 Megapixel images and 1080P videos when the motion is detected. In camera and video mode, images and videos could work together in every trigger. Furthermore, the SD card supports up to 32 GB which is completed with 120 degrees of 2-PIR sensors. As a consequence, it can detect wider and the PIR sensing distance is up to 82 feet/25m.

Camo design makes the camera good for wildlife observing and researching, ideal for riding, camping and exploring as a sports camera. Moreover, it can also have the role as a security camera for home and office. This camera’s battery can standby up to 3-6 months with 8*AA batteries and Auto power off in 5 minutes.

Trail hunting camera takes pictures/videos at specified interval automatically and constantly. Thus, it is useful to observe cold-blooded animals and the growing process of plant, flower, and bird’s nest. You can also manage the timer to match with your timetable.

This game trail camera allows you to set up a password to protect your camera from unauthorized users. In addition, the serial number function enables you to code locations in the photos. The serial number also helps to identify the location when reviewing the photos.

Here is a quick snapshot of its features:

  • Resolution: 16.0 MP
  • Trigger speed: 0.2 – 0.6 seconds
  • Flash range: 82 feet
  • LCD screen: 2.4 inch
  • Video: 1080px

Moultrie No Glow Invisible Infrared Trail Game Camera

Moultrie No Glow Invisible Infrared
Moultrie No Glow Invisible Infrared

Moultrie is one of the best-selling brands of game cameras and feeders in the world. It is modeled on the best features of the Moultrie A-5 camera and upgraded for affordable quality. The Moultrie A-20i Mini Game Camera provides you with the same undetectable stealth in your year-round scouting efforts.

This camera has a concealed, slim profile, and the no-glow flash with 940 nm invisible infrared illumination technology. The technology will let you capture the clear nighttime shots of wildlife up to 50 feet away. In addition, the nearby wildlife will not alert by the presence of the camera.

This camera combines the impressive 12-megapixel image quality with user-friendly functionality and an attractive price. Furthermore, the A-20i makes it easy to outfit your entire property and stay one step ahead through day and night.

Here is a quick snapshot of its features:

  • Resolution: 12.0 MP
  • Trigger speed: less than 1 second
  • Flash range: 50 feet
  • Flash technology: invisible infrared (940 nm)
  • Video: 480px

Well, that is all of the cheap no glow infrared trail cameras. I hope you can find your best preference here which match with your need and your money.

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