Stealth Cam G30 Review

Stealth Cam G30 Review

This is a sleek, compact camera intended specifically for surveying outdoor areas for the purchase of planning hunts. Consistently well reviewed, the unit seems to be a favorite among sportsmen and when I did my own review, I quickly discovered why.

Benefits of the Stealth Cam G30

  • Retina Sensitivity

A lot of high end game cameras with infrared take great photos in the morning and afternoon and good ones at night, but may fall short at dawn and dusk. During these times of the day, it is too bright for the night vision to engage but not bright enough to ensure good image quality. Unfortunately, this is also the time of day when many animals are most active. The G30 is better suited to take photos at these tricky times due to its retina low light sensitivity that adjusts its performance to shoot more brightly at dawn and dusk.

  • Matrix Advanced Blur Technology

Even when shooting a fast moving subject, this model is unlikely to give you blurry results. Its anti-blur technology corrects for motion, so you’re able to see images more clearly. The rapid .5 second trigger also improves results when you’re taking photos of an animal in motion.

  • Rapid Fire Burst

You can set the device up to take one to nine photos when it senses motion. With other cameras, usually the most images you can capture in a burst is four to five.

Drawbacks of G30

While the item will give you excellent image quality with extra information to help you plan your hunting excursions, it does have a small drawback that you should be aware of. The battery life is a little limited with this unit, so you need to replace the disposable batteries more frequently than you would with other models. If the camera is mounted not far from your home, this might not be an issue, but it can be a hassle if you’re setting the cam up far from home.

That said, the reason why the battery life is limited is because of the advanced technologies that it features. You just can’t power that many different systems without draining batteries fast. Here’s the good news, though, you can buy an external waterproof power supply for it. When you have this 12-volt accessory, you can power the unit with a 12-volt solar cell that you can purchase online and not have to worry about it. You could also purchase larger external battery power packs to operate the unit if you have this accessory.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is an excellent tool for taking trail photos at any hour of the day. I recommend it most for local use unless you plan to invest in a power pack. When you see the quality of the images that you can get with this economical camera, you’re unlikely to mind those frequent battery changes. I promise!

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