TEC.BEAN DTC-880V Review

TEC.BEAN DTV-880V Review

For the sports enthusiast who is serious about scouting out the best sites for excursions, this is the scouting camera they need. This advanced trail cam boasts a large number of features that have earned it rave reviews online, and I recently took a look at them myself for this review.

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Benefits of DTC-880V

  • Motion Freeze Technology

A lot of cameras are falsely triggered by movement and end up wasting battery life by taking pictures of nothing more than blowing leaves. This device is better able to tell animals apart from the environment with its Motion Freeze technology. This feature also comes in handy for shooting cold-blooded creatures like amphibians and reptiles that may be missed by other infrared sensors.

  • On-Board Display

With other cams, it’s a mystery what you’ve recorded on your memory card until you get home, but this item lets you view footage in the field. The model has a 2-inch color view finder built in, so you can flip through shots right on site.

  • Versatile Settings

With five capture modes for taking images and shooting video, the model gives you more flexibility to shoot what you want how you want. The 36 no-glow infrared LEDs allow you to take amazing photos by night, not just by day.


The cam doesn’t have any major issues that prevent it from being used in the field, but there are two little design quirks that you should be aware of before you purchase it. First, the nylon strap that is used to attach the tool to a tree is rather inexpensive and unlikely to last through more than a few uses, but you can purchase a well-made upgrade for just a couple of dollars on Amazon.

The other thing to keep in mind is that this machine requires a high quality SD card. It is best to buy a name brand one as recommended by the manufacturer rather than purchase one of the inexpensive generic ones that you can purchase some places. This isn’t a design flaw. It’s owed to the fact that the camera has such a high resolution image sensor.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be able to get great high resolution images of wildlife on the trail and have access to advanced features not offered with some entry level models, this is an excellent choice of trail camera. Its LCD display, Time Lapse and Advanced Motion Detection differentiate it from other cameras on the market and make it an excellent value for the money for the sportsman that wants an advanced cam for scouting.

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