TEC.BEAN SG-009 No Glow Infrared Scouting Camera Review

This is the sister product to another cam: DTC-880V that I recently reviewed. I decided to take a look at it, too, to see what the difference was as there is a lot of confusion in the online world about what makes each one unique.


So What’s the Difference?

Complicating the problem between telling the two different TEC.BEAN models apart is the fact that the camera has the exact same name and product description online. For sake of reference, I am going to refer to this version as the SG-009, which is its style number. The other camera is the DTC-880V. Both cameras have the exact same features and benefits (which I’ll review for you below). The only difference between them is the color of their housings. Both are camouflaged with a realistic woodland print; however, the DTC-880V is a little bit darker than this one. I honestly think either one would work in any location, but if you’re very concerned with getting a close match to the environment in a specific scouting location, choose the SG-009 for a lighter bark color and another for darker-colored bark.

Features of the TEC.BEAN SG-009

Motion Freeze Technology

With Motion Freeze Technology, the cam is better able to distinguish wildlife from other natural features in the environment, leading to fewer false triggers and less wasted battery life and SD card space. The technology also makes the device able to shoot footage of reptiles and amphibians, which often do not produce enough body heat to be shot by other types of cameras.

Built-in Display

The unit has a 2-inch full-color display built right into it. As a result, you can take a look at the images that are saved on the memory card right on site. This comes in handy for trying to decide if you need to do further scouting or are ready to take your camera back home and review the footage closely.



With the machine, you can take your pick from five different modes of operation, allowing you to shoot the way that you desire. At night, the 36 infrared LED lights capture impressive images without the distorting glow that you get with some other night vision trail cams.

TEC.BEAN SG-009 Waterproof
TEC.BEAN SG-009 Waterproof

Drawbacks of the SG-009

As I explained in my previous review, there are no major problems with this unit. You might want to purchase a spare tree strap as the one that is included is pretty basic and has been known to wear out. A replacement strap will usually cost less than $5, so it is not a major expense. The other thing to remember is that you will need a high-quality SD card to use the camera properly. Neither feature is really a major drawback. I am including them more as an FYI.

Final Thoughts

Like its nearly identical sister model, the unit allows you to scout locations with a high degree of flexibility and capture impressive images by day or night. It has advanced features that you won’t find in many other machines, especially ones that are sold at a similar mid-level price.

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